Standard colours for painting fences in Brookview

The original official colour scheme used by the developers was General Paint “New Bark” for the rails and posts and General Paint “Fawn” for the fence boards. If you use these colours when painting your fence, particularly the outside fences and those along the walkways, you will help contribute to the overall cohesive look of the neighbourhood.

We have switched paint stores to Sherwin-Williams #8869 4114 CALGARY TRAIL. There is a secondary cash account for Homeowners to use, Brookview Community Association (2320-4628-4) The pricing has been set up for a 30% discount on fence stain for Fawn and NewBark purchases only.


Here is the "recipe" for the two paint colours from the  Benjamin Moore store at Riverbend Plaza:

New Bark (posts and rails)
K640 - 4X (Gallon)
Y3       2x   28.5
S1        4x    7.5
W1       4x    5.5
R3        0x   22.2
Fawn (Fence boards)
K640 - 4X (Gallon)
Y3        5x   1.0
S1         2x  11.75
W1        0x  22.0
R3         0x  29.25