Brookview is a community of 1196 homes in South West Edmonton. The official City name for us is Bulyea Heights.  When the community was first developed, the land developers decided that Brookview would sell more homes and thus most of the signs refer to the name "Brookview".   At the time that the community was designed and built, the land developers wanted to make Brookview a walkable community and decided to add more walkways into the plan than the City allowed for.  These extra walkways do not belong to the City, but belong to the community and therefore must be maintained by the community.  The community had to create a homeowners association to take care of this property. 


BHOA --Brookview  Homeowners Association Ltd,  (BHOA) has the mandate to maintain its walkways by maintaining the landscaping and removing the snow from the sidewalks that it owns.  As well, BHOA also supports the maintenance and improvements of many assets throughout the community which improves the overall value of the entire community and its residents.  BHOA membership is mandatory for all Brookview residents. BHOA is an incorporated non-profit organization and it is supported in full (100%) by the membership fees from each household collected on an annual basis.


BCL -- Brookview Community League (optional membership) – recreational programs and events
Brookview also has a community league that offers recreational programs and events. The Brookview Community League, BCL, is a member of   Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, EFCL and its funding comes from the City and from the membership. The membership is optional.
 For further information regarding Brookview owned lands, email Much like in the other parts of Edmonton, our grounds, parks, trees, roads, etc. are maintained by the City. For any maintenance issues on the City property or for an enforcement of a City's bylaw, please call 311 to be transferred to the right department. 


The community of Brookview collectively owns three walkways, totaling 1 mile, as indicated in the map. That's why Brookview has a homeowners' association.