Frequently Asked Questions regarding BHOA

1. Do I have to belong to BHOA?

Yes. If you own a home in Brookview there is an encumbrance on your property, which obliges you to pay the annual BHOA membership fee. BHOA fees run for the calendar year from Jan 1 to Dec 31. All fees paid after April 1st are subject to interest charges. It is the responsibility of the current homeowner to pay all outstanding fees owed to BHOA. 

2. What value do I get for my annual fee?

BHOA provides excellent value to its members through the development and maintenance of common areas within the community and representation to the city on issues of interest to all Brookview residents. All current (paid-up) BHOA members have a vote at the annual meeting and thus take part in the development and well being of our community.

3. How can I help?

There are lots of ways to help in our community. The best way is to come out to meetings and/or identify yourself as someone who would like to volunteer. BHOA’s primary requirement is for people to volunteer to sit on the board and for people to come out to meetings to help run the association. Volunteers are often needed for community projects as well.

4. How is BHOA notified of a change in homeownership?

On property sales where the lawyers do their due diligence, BHOA gets notified by lawyers acting for both the seller and buyer that results from finding the encumbrance when doing a title search.  They both request confirmation and a statement that there are no fees owing prior to transferring the title.  If there are fees owing, the lawyer acting for the seller will pay out the fees owing and make an appropriate adjustment to the closing costs that pro-rates the fee between the seller and buyer according to the closing date.  A buyer whose lawyer fails to do the due diligence regarding HOA fees owing will get stuck with the previous owner's unpaid fees and it would be up to them to resolve it through their lawyer, as the arrears are not forgiven.

5. Who is responsible for cutting the grass and clearing the snow on the walkway behind my house?

It depends. Most of the interior walkways are owned and maintained by BHOA. The City of Edmonton owns the remaining walkways, but BHOA does provide some supplemental service on these walkways to ensure a common standard of care and service in Brookview. A map is available which identifies ownership of the various walkways.

6. Who is responsible for the trees in Brookview?

The city owns the boulevard land and any trees located on it. They are responsible for pruning and pest problems of these trees, so if the tree in front of your home requires attention, do not hesitate to call them. BHOA is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees on BHOA owned walkways. Guidelines have been set for the maintenance of the trees and for the safety of pedestrians on BHOA walkways. 

7. Who is responsible for grass cutting on the boulevards?

Although the city owns the boulevard land, the city’s bylaws state that the homeowner is responsible for the care and maintenance of the grass on it, including the grass along the side street for those homes on corner lots.

8. Where should sump pump drain hoses be run?

According to city bylaws, sump pump hoses must run to the front of the property and not drain onto any other property, including neighbours’ yards, city property or any walkways. Residents who allow their sumps to drain onto BHOA land create a water problem that affects all residents of Brookview. If you have any questions or concerns in this area call the city drainage department.

9. Are there standard colours for painting fences in Brookview?

Not officially, but the original colour scheme used by the developers was General Paint “New Bark” for the rails and posts and General Paint “Fawn” for the fence boards. If you use these colours when painting your fence, particularly the outside fences and those along the walkways, you will help contribute to the overall cohesive look of the neighbourhood.

10. Who do I call for information on community run programs and obtaining access to the tennis courts?

The Brookview Community League runs the majority of the programs in Brookview. The League is also the organization that gives access to the tennis courts. For the combination to the lock at the court contact the League through their website at . Watch for the Newsletter, it will have a listing of the current volunteer running the different programs.

11. Can a resident add or remove trees from a walkway?

According to the city guidelines and the BHOA walkway guidelines “No resident may plant, move or trim a tree on the walkways”. All vegetation planted on BHOA walkways is the property of BHOA and it is the responsibility of BHOA to maintain them. Any changes to the soil level, ground cover, and trees must have board approval prior to the change.